Crezma Q&A


Q: What is as an off market commercial real estate listing platform developed by experienced
commercial Real Estate investors.
We do not Overwhelm you with unimportant data that wont help you make a deal just to fill up
more space on the website. We are a user friendly and easy to use platform cutting right to the
chase. Finding off market deals!!

Q: What is an off-market property

While there are many definitions of what is an off market property we make it very simple.
An “Off-market property” is a property that’s not “on market”.
We consider Loopnet and the MLS to be the “On market” therefor any property that is not listed
on Loopnet or MLS is an off-market property

Q: How much does it cost to sign up

Signing up to is absolutely free. There is no Free trial or limited time offer. you can
sign up and see properties for as long as you wish without having to pay or to enter CC info.

Q: What are the plan options

The are 3 plan options to become a premium member on
Special offer - $9 per month
Quarterly plan - $25 Every quarter
Yearly plan - $79 Every year
All 3 plans will allow you to see 100% of the properties listed on

Q: I can’t see all the properties on the platform

Some of the properties on the platform are available to paying subscribers only!
If you see a property with a Lock that means that this property is available to paying subscribers
only. If you click on “more details” and you will be redirected to the plan page.

Q: when will you have properties in my area is a relatively new platform launched in January 2020. While we are expanding very
fast all over the US we do not cover all cities and states yet. We are working very hard to cover
all areas of the US as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have “On Market” properties has a sophisticated algorithm that check for the authenticity of the properties
around the clock. If a property on our platform shows up on Loopnet or on the MLS or on both it
will be taken off our website

Q: How much does it cost to list a property with

Listing a property with is absolutely free. You will never be charged for listing a
property no matter how many leads you got from Crezma or even if you sell the property
through our platform.

Q: Can I get a deal package or breakdown directly from Crezma? is a market place. We are not part of the deal and do not have information about
deal other then what is posted on our platform. To get all the info on a specific listing you must
contact the contact person listed on the deal page of that specific deal

Q: What commission do you pay a buying broker? is not a broker. We do not participate in any of the transactions and are not part of
the deal in ant way shape or form other then presenting it on our platform.

Q: Do you co broke? is not a broker. We are not part of the deal and do not receive any proceeds if a
deal closes.

Q: Do you have any commercial leasing or rentals on Crezma?

At this point we do not have rental deal.

Q: How do I post a listing on Crezma?

To upload a listing on Crezma please go to and follow the
simple instructions

Q: How can I edit a listing I posted on Crezma

To edit your listing log in to Crezma and click on Dashboard