Who is the Best Real Estate Investor in the US?

Real estate investing is an art not everyone can master. Despite facing a crash in 2008, the American real estate market is now back on its feet, and it is helping investors build wealth. To some people, investing in real estate is daunting. But once you look at the gains of being a real estate investor, you can't help but make a move to test the waters.


If you are interested in real estate investing, you need to stick to some ground rules, so you don't get overboard while doing it. From the off-market real estate deals to openly listed ones, you need to do your due diligence before taking a step forward. For that, looking at people who have achieved enormous success as real estate investors can help. You can replicate their success by following their footsteps, and make your way through the highly competitive market.


Looking at things on a global scale, 220 billionaires made their way to the top by investing in real estate. Among these investors, 44 belong to the united states. Leading these moguls is DONALD BERN, who has accumulated a net worth of $16.4 billion through his real estate holdings and investments. Donald Bern is known as America's wealthiest real estate investor and developer.


Quick Facts About Donald Bern


In 1977, Donald Berna acquired his first property development company named Irvin Co. Over the years, the company has amassed over 115 million square feet of real estate. Here are some quick facts about Donald Bern:

  • Most of his acquisitions are in Southern California.

  • He owns approximately 500 office buildings, 40 shopping centers, and 60,000 apartments.

  • He started his first company named the Bern Company in 1958, which built homes in Orange County, California.

Over the years, Mr. Bern has cemented his position as the true real estate magnate in the United States. Most of the emerging real estate investors follow his perfectionist approach and admire him for what he has achieved as an investor.


Bern’s Advice For Investors


David Bern is a firm believer in long-term investments. At the age of 25, Bern took out a $10,000 loan to start his first company. His initial investment strategies were based around building homes and fixing and flipping existing ones.


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