What are off market properties?

Off-Market properties are properties that are not publicly listed for sale (Before they hit the sale listings websites and the MLS). In other words, when the seller or real estate agent does not want to take the sale publicly, they sell it off-market.

Given the fact that only a certain amount of properties are ever listed for sale, the pool of off-market properties is substantially larger. More so, without the involvement of third-parties, this massive pool of off-market properties is much more open to browsing.

For this, the sellers turn to more exclusive real estate marketing strategies. For example, sometimes, the real estate agent is the one who tries to sell the investment property. So, he/she starts contacting other investors or even ordinary people who might be interested.

Here comes the Crezma platform. a new and innovative way to keep your property off-market and at the same time make sure it is available to a limited number of qualified investors who would be able to purchase it off-market.

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